Spanish Afterschool


3368 Bonita Rd. Chula Vista, CA 91910







Children who turn five years old on or before August 31st of the year they are applying for will be placed in Kindergarten. During this year, they will continue to build upon the knowledge gained in their previous school experiences, and expand their skills and confidence in reading comprehension, math concepts, science topics and social skills. They will write daily in journals, in both English and Spanish, and work with addition, subtraction, and story problems in math. Attention is also given to meeting Common Core standards.


The learning space provided for a Kindergartener is designed to satisfy the scope of creativity, curiosity, knowledge and abilities of our five to six year-olds. Lesson plans address a variety of learning methods, including science labs, dramatic play, and group projects. 


When a student graduates from the B.L.A.™ program, she or he will have not only met, but exceeded the requirement for first grade entrance in any public or private school on either side of the border.